Why the blog…

When a woman finds out she is expecting a child she generally has 6-9 months to adjust to the coming addition. Likewise, her extended family gets involved in the transition. From ultra-sound photos being shared on social media, to family throwing a baby shower, the arrival of a new baby tends to involve the whole ‘village’.

When a family is being extended through adoption, it’s not the same. There is no due date, or growing bump to share with the world around. The process is very introverted, between the couple/individual adopting and their social worker. There are no photos to share, no set time-line to follow, due dates or rushed preparations.

Until a match is finally made between the couple and their child, nothing is set in stones and there is nothing to share with family and friends.

This blog is my way of sharing something of the process with the world around, whether that is my closest friends and family, or a wider audience. It isn’t meant to be educational. It’s just a narrative of my (and of course my husbands) journey into parenthood.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and being a small part of this crazy and exciting time!


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