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Full Steam Ahead

18 Apr

I don’t quite know where the last three weeks have disappeared to. After being made redundant from my job I thought I’d have loads of spare time. Apparently not! Every day recently has been full of job interviews, seeing family, DIY etc. But it’s served a good purpose.

Today we met our very own social worker. She came over to get to know us and what kind of child we were looking for, to see the house etc. We also booked in all our home study appointments for the next few months. And most importantly, our Adoption Panel Date…

Thursday 5th September 2013.


139 days.


3336 hours!!!

It’s not that long.

After waiting so long to get to this point, it seems as the end is only around the corner!

In the meanwhile we have homework to do. Family trees, an eco-map of our support network, a complete chronology of every major event/person in our lives plus finishing off the DIY projects around the house. I have a feeling that even if I don’t find a job this summer, it will be gone in a blink of eye.

One more blink closer to our little one being home….


The First Day…

19 Feb

Yesterday was our first full day at our Adoption Preparation Workshop. And what a day it was! I’m never felt so bombarded with information or overealmed with emotions in just one day before. Thank goodness for husbands!

Sometimes I’m a nagging wife and I know I regularly drive my poor husband round the bend. We have our tiffs like anyone else, normally about stupid things that the next day don’t matter so much. But yesterday was one of those days in our lives when I’m so thankful he’s mine.

For potential adoptive fathers the process is very strange. When a couple have a baby naturally the fathers input happens at the very beginning and then he has a few months before baby arrives and his input it required again. Though fathers may attend hospital appointments and birthing classes, in reality he’s there to be emotionally supportive. At no point is he expected to endure labour pains or sore breasts.

Adoptive fathers have to be involved 100% from day one. Yesterday we were split into groups, separate from our partners. At one point I heard dearest husbands voice from across the room. He wasn’t being loud, I could just hear him talking in the group. For a man who is quite happy being on his own, not saying a word, it was amazing.

It let me know if I’m to go through this crazy process, I wouldn’t want to be doing with with him…