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We have to do what?

18 Mar

Recently the husband and I had to go through what may be the strangest stage of the whole adoption process.

The medical….

 When you start thinking about adoption you know somewhere along the line you will have to submit yourself for a medical evaluation. It’s a sensible ting to do as the last thing the social services want is to place a child in a new home, only for something medical to come up that could have been spotted before.

 However it is still very strange. As well as the usual pee in a pot exercise and listening to your heart, there are some very odd examinations. Your tummy is poked, feet ticked, back checked for curvature, hand eye coordination check and lost of boxes to be filled in on a form.

Talking to the doctor she found the whole process rather odd. As she pointed out a majority of the more serious illness wouldn’t be detectable by a simple medical check, and even more of them would develop rather quickly. That being said, we did get a clean bill of health.

The one thing we did learn after meeting up with the rest of our prep group later the same day, was that the price for medicals can be so varied. I’m talking anything from £40 to £150!! Every one has to have the same form filled in so I don’t understand why the big difference! Apparently there used to be a standard price but now Gps can charge whatever they like! Now I’m not saying they shouldn’t charge at all, we were with the doctor for about an hour. But there shouldn’t be such a big variance in the charge. 

The government are talking a lot at the moment about reforming the entire adoption process to make it more efficient but nothing has been mentioned about the cost of medical etc.

My advice, shop around and don’t be afraid to change doctors.

Oh and get a pee pot before your appointment so you can pee at home and not at the doctors surgery….


The First Day…

19 Feb

Yesterday was our first full day at our Adoption Preparation Workshop. And what a day it was! I’m never felt so bombarded with information or overealmed with emotions in just one day before. Thank goodness for husbands!

Sometimes I’m a nagging wife and I know I regularly drive my poor husband round the bend. We have our tiffs like anyone else, normally about stupid things that the next day don’t matter so much. But yesterday was one of those days in our lives when I’m so thankful he’s mine.

For potential adoptive fathers the process is very strange. When a couple have a baby naturally the fathers input happens at the very beginning and then he has a few months before baby arrives and his input it required again. Though fathers may attend hospital appointments and birthing classes, in reality he’s there to be emotionally supportive. At no point is he expected to endure labour pains or sore breasts.

Adoptive fathers have to be involved 100% from day one. Yesterday we were split into groups, separate from our partners. At one point I heard dearest husbands voice from across the room. He wasn’t being loud, I could just hear him talking in the group. For a man who is quite happy being on his own, not saying a word, it was amazing.

It let me know if I’m to go through this crazy process, I wouldn’t want to be doing with with him…