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I’m still alive!

21 Jun

It’s been a while huh?

The darling husband and I are now coming to the end of our Home Study. It’s amazing how much time and energy it seems to take. Don’t under estimate how much the process will take out of you! Just to catch you all up before I start posting regularly again.

As previously mentioned, we’re at the end of our Home Study. We’ve had about seven meetings with our Social Worker. I wasn’t quite as prepared as I thought I was for the delving that would occur. Going back to our childhoods was interesting, and then making plans for death/separation was kind of stressful. But we’re on the home stretch now!

I’m still unemployed! I was made redundant in March and have still no found another job. I’m looking into becoming self-employed as I’m very aware that any job I do take would be temporary due to the adoption.

The major DIY projects that we had left are slowly getting finished. The back garden actually looks like a back garden now rather than an overflow from a scrap yard! When it’s all done I’ll post up some before and after shots.

I think that is pretty much everything. I’m planning to write more about what we’ve covered for our PAR in the next few days but I need to go back through all our homework to work it all out.

Roll on September!


Feathering the Nest

25 Mar

So much has changed since my last blog, it’s amazing. We finally have our own social worker and we’ll be starting our Home Study in three weeks! At the point she comes over it will be almost exactly a year since we put out enquiry paperwork in the post. A year of waiting and wondering, of trying to prepare but not doing too much and moments of extreme doubt.

So much of the adoption process is out of the potential parents hands it’s been difficult making it seem real. At some point a little person will be joining our family, running around our home, scary the cats and getting sticky fingers everywhere. How do you prepare for that?

I’ve been nesting.

Not in the usual way an expectant mother will as I don’t know enough about our child to buy clothes and toys. Instead it’s been more about DIY, especially the nursery. My wonderful husband and father in law have spent the last few months spending their weekends re-decorating the room. This is another area to issue of not knowing has caused problems. How do you decorating a room for child who could be a boy or girl, and anything up to 3 years old? You certainly can’t make it to gender specific, or use traditional colours for a little baby. We’ve gone for a sea side theme, especially as we live on the coast. Beach huts and little sailing boats. Every time I go shopping I seem to find a little something. It is getting to a point where I’m not sure where it will all go!

I also have an Amazon Wish List. When I’m really feeling the urge to buy things, I go on Amazon and shop to my hearts content, I just to order any of them. I have things like a cot-bed, stair gates and cute baby clothes on there. A majority of it I will never need, but it makes me feel better.

In the last week I’ve been made redundant from my job. It’s not a major concern and I knew it was coming. The main issue is that I’m going to be at home on my own a lot more. I’m envisioning my Amazon wish list becoming alarming large!

Here’s hoping the Home Study is swift and straightforward.


Eyes to the Horizon….